Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Types of coupons and where to get started!

So many of you are asking "What do I do first?" when it comes to coupon shopping. First, you all need to get your sunday newspapers and start saving ALL the coupons you can get your hands on. Print them off the websites like the following ones:


Save them up for approximately 2-3 weeks to have a good amount of coupons to start being able to show some major savings in your purchases! Once you have enough, then you'll look through the ads and start comparison shopping. Some stores might have items on sale however the others have them on a better sale! I have listed the different types of coupons below for all of you to realize that there are NUMEROUS opportunities to find amazing deals with coupons! After these, in a day or two I'll post more resources and information on coupon shopping to better answer everyone's questions.

9 types of Coupons

1. Manufacturing Coupons
These are typically found in your weekly newspapers in the coupon inserts in the middle, however many can be found via mailers and flyers.

2. Catalinas
These are named after the company that made the box they print out of (right next to the receipt printer). It's the coupons that the cashier gives you with your receipt, typically done at Krogers. These also count as the Register Rewards at Walgreens and the Extra Care Bucks at CVS.

3. Store Coupons
These could be in the ad for the store as well as sometimes they put out their own savings books and coupons will be in there as well.

4. eCoupons
These coupons are digital coupons that can be automatically loaded to your store cards (ex: Kroger and CVS cards).

5. Internet Printable Coupons
These coupons are typically found EVERYWHERE on the internet and can be printed right then and there. Most of them are manufacturing coupons however some are specific to certain stores. You can print these from redplum.com, coupons.com, smartsource.com, target.com, etc. They typically limit you to only bein able to print 2 of each within a month, then it resets the first of the next month so you can print more.

6. Tearpads
These are exactly what they sound, they are on a tearpad right infront of the product, you can tear and use them immediately on your purchase. Sometimes they can also be found at the front of the store, on displays and etc.

7. Peelies
These are little coupon stickers found directly on the products, you can just peel them off and use them immediately on your purchase.

8. Blinkies
These were more common years ago, however they are still around. They are found down the isles in little boxes with red like blinking (hence the name "blinkies") that you can pull one out and then a new coupon automatically takes its place. These are mostly manufacturing coupons.

9. Hangtags
These are typically found on anything with a neck such as drinks, syrups, detergents, dish soaps, etc. They are a hanging tag with a coupon on it that you can use immediately with your purchase.

Once you start to get the look and feel of ALL the coupons around you, you will notice there are tons of opportunities for you to be able to save a lot on your next Coupon Shopping trip! The next blog I'll post will be more along the lines of store coupon policies, stacking coupons and how to maximize your use of coupons to save the most while following the coupon policies for the stores!

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