Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally the weekend!

I am glad it's finally the weekend! My niece is spending the night tonight, kids really wear you out! I could easily go right to sleep right now, but too much on my mind to sleep! I actually did pretty well on my Final Exam for my Government class tonight, was pretty proud about that! Hopefully I do pretty well this semester, it's going to be rough with so many hours, plus my job and the boutique stuff! I'm ready for it though, I can take on anything!

I've also been busy all night with craft projects for displays and such for my FIRST Craft Show! I bought this pack of 10 black photo frames for $8 on Black Friday from Wal-Mart so I thought it'd be nice to actually open them up and use them for something. I decided to use them as pricing frames for my items at Craft Shows. MUCH cuter that signs taped everywhere, why not just put them in frames and set them up on the tables? They actually turned out pretty great and it only cost me about $11-$12 for all of them together! ($8 for the frames and $2-3 for the paper) Check them out below, tell me what you think!

I had to take it without the flash because it would reflect off the glass, so the colors are a bit more dull than in real life. (The pink is BLINDING!) But I think they turned out pretty well. Much better than what they could have been haha

I'll be busy tomorrow working on a bow holder (for my display at Craft Shows as well) so be sure to stay tuned for that, I'm sure those will turn out pretty interesting as well!

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