Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let's organize those accessories!

Ever look around and realize you have too much stuff all over the place? Need to get it all more organized? Well I have figured out how to do something to help organize your hair bows and accessories while making it look very chic and gorgeous with a Hair Bow Holder! Not your normal holder, because those cost you $25-$70! The one I made cost a total of $12!! Check out below how to make one like this:


Of course yours can be a different color/theme, I just went with this color and zebra theme, because this bow holder I'll be using at Craft Shows to display the hair bows I make! Check out your local fabric stores, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart and see which has the lowest prices in the fabric you like! (Right now, Hobby Lobby is having a 50% fabric sale, that's where I got mine!)

To start off, you'll need a few things!

Bulletin Board (I bought mine off Craiglist for $5!)
Ribbon (I got 4 yards and nearly used it all)
Thumb Tacks (Dollar Tree -- 300 for $1!)
**not pictured** Scissors (just incase you need to cut down your fabric)

Now on with the instructions!

First, Lay the fabric flat on the ground. (you should see the inside of the fabric, the part you want to show, should be facing down towards the floor) Next, put the bulletin on the fabric, face it upwards so that you can push the thumb tacks in it from this side. SEE PICTURE BELOW.

Now you're ready to get to folding! Fold the longer sides inwards and thumb tack down closest to the edge of the bulletin board. I used gold thumb tacks, because people wont see the back, plus it's a bit easier for you guys to see whenever I explain. SEE PICTURE BELOW.

Now you'll want to do the other side as well. Next, fold the ends in, just like you're wrapping a present and thumb tack down around near the edge of the board. SEE PICTURE BELOW.

Do the same thing to the other end. Now you can thumb tack around the edges of the fabric (for added security of the fabric). SEE PICTURES BELOW.

Now your board should look like this!

Turn it over and you should see this!
Gorgeous! Now we're halfway done! Next get your ribbon and place them wherever you'd like them to be placed then start tacking them down. (I used 3 thumb tacks on each ribbon) SEE PICTURES BELOW.

Do all of your ribbons the same, then turn over and do the other side, so that the ribbon goes across the front of the board and comes back to be thumb tacked down to the back! SEE PICTURE BELOW.

This may not be a pretty sight, but turn it around ;)
FINISHED! Beautiful board for $12! Now you can hang those gorgeous hair bows so they won't get squished! This would also be great for pictures (but you'll have to do ribbons across, then cross other ribbons into it, making X's to stick pictures in). I'm going to be adding some pretty black flowers with jewels on the corners of this board, to give it that extra UMPH! But you can leave it as is, add letters or your name. Whatever you'd like to do to make it your own! Of course you could space them closer and add a 5th ribbon but I ran out of ribbon, so I just did 4! Just base it off the spacing and the size of your board!

P.S. Here is mine with a few bows on, they are 2" pigtail bows I made, so bad example since they are super small, but it's just so you see how it looks with stuff on them!

Feel free to comment with what you created from my instructions, I'd love to see them!

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